Author Topic: Running SlickEdit on OS X with Crossover  (Read 1558 times)


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Running SlickEdit on OS X with Crossover
« on: April 21, 2009, 04:08:15 am »
Anyone know how to get this working?  I installed Crossover, installed slickedit and then when I click on the icon for starting slickedit, it starts then shuts down.  No errors...

So I tried a suggestion I saw in another thread here where someone said to run it as a command ...

I tried that and then I get a really long error message.  I can copy/paste it here if anyone is interested but was hoping someone knew how to get this working.

I looked at the winehq site and it says that slickedit should work under wine - and crossover is a variant of wine so I'm stumped.

Any help is appreciated.