Author Topic: Working with SlickEdit Core (3.4 and earlier) and ADT (Android)  (Read 7952 times)


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If you are looking to use SlickEdit Core alongside the Android plug-in for Eclipse, there are a couple of problems which get in the way of tagging support for your Android project(s).  Since there is no JVM associated with an Android project in Eclipse, SlickEdit Core has trouble associating your Java tag file (which you probably created using Tools > Tag Files > Auto Tag) with your project.

Also, the android.jar file associated with your project will not be automatically tagged, so you will not have tagging for the android.* packages until you set that up.

Follow the instructions below to set up tagging for your Android projects in Eclipse.

  • If you have not already built your workspace tag files, do so by going to Tools > Retag Workspace.
  • Once finished, open the Tag Files dialog at Tools > Tag Files, and highlight the workspace tag file at the top…which is for one of your projects.  You should see all of the source files in the right hand pane.  We are going to add the Java libraries and Android libraries to this tag file.
  • Click the Add Files button at the bottom of the dialog, set the file type filter to ZIP Files (*.zip), and then browse to the JDK file which you use for your development.  Click Open to add this file to your project tag file.  See first picture below.
  • Once tagging is finished, you will now add android.jar to your tag file.  Select the project tag file once again, and click Add Files.  Set the Files of type filter to JAR Files (*.jar) and browse to the location of your desired android.jar file under your Android SDK directory.  Once again, click Open to add the libraries to your workspace tag file.
  • You should now see both android.jar and your Java in the right pane of the Tag Files dialog when selecting your project tag file.  Now if you open one of the files in your Android project(s) in a SlickEdit editor, you should see all the auto completion and auto list members for the Android libraries, as well as the JDK.  See second pic below.

We are working on fixing these problems before the 3.5.0 release of SlickEdit Core.

- Ryan