Author Topic: Old file version after close and reopen; and c.als isn't closed  (Read 2713 times)


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Just ran into a *weird* problem. Here's what I did:
1. Opened tstCompressionBenchmark.cpp in SlickEdit last night and edited it.
2. Committed the file to svn from the command line.
3. Worked on the file on a different machine and then committing to svn.
4. Came in this morning and did svn update to get the new edits.
5. SlickEdit didn't notice the update.
6. Close the file and then reopen it via the history in the file menu.
7. SlickEdit is still showing me the text from last night (with an $Id:$ from before 2).

I've verified, using less, that the file on the disk is actually different from what SlickEdit shows me.

The "FileOptions->Load->Auto reload" option is "false". Now, when I changed it to "true" and open some other file, SlickEdit detects that the file was changed and wanted to reload it, just as one would expect.

One thing which may or may not be related:
When compiling the file last night (using Shift-F10 / CUA), adding the file to the project seemed to have fails. Here's what happend:
1. Shift-F10
2. Message box asking whether I wish to add the file to the current project.
3. Yes.
4. Compile goes on.
5. Editing the file a bit.
6. Shift-F10 again.
7. Message box asking whether I wish to add the file to the current project. (again)
8. Yes.
9. Failed with an error stating that the file already exist in the project.
10. Dismissed it. Compiles.
11. Answered no to subsequent questions about adding the file to the project.

Another thing which may or may not be related, it's either way it's another bug:
SlickEdit has 219 open file descriptors - 194 are for ~/.slickedit/14.0.2/c.als.

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