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Additional Custom Error Parsing issues
« on: August 08, 2009, 11:34:39 pm »
When doing custom error parsing, the output from my packager program generates one line that contains the path to the offending path and filename. However, the line numbers are on subsequent lines without having the fully qualified file name on them.

I have set this up as best that I could. When I get these errors, sometimes the system works a little and sometimes it goes to pot. I get the following things:

1. Sometimes it will not actually open the offending file. I have no rhyme or reason to when or which, but it just decides not to.
2. In the cases when it does open the file, going ctrl-shft-down sometimes moves to the line it thinks is the offending line (why it is the wrong line is in another post) however, sometimes it closes the file and doesn't open another one. This reminds me of the behavior when searching multiple files and when your F3 takes you to the next file it closes the one behind itself.  Again, sometimes it just works, and other times it does not. No consistent behavior here.

 I do need some kind of offset, since when it says Line XX it doesn't really mean that, it actually means Line XX plus 8. This is based on a batch separation operator, and all errors report lines since the last one ... but that is more clearly explained in a previous post.