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Split Window with Brief Emulation

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I don't think delete-tile is going to be hotfixable :(.  I think you will have to use the window navigation commands (window-left, window-right, etc.) in conjunction with close-window or some other command to close an editor window as a work around.  We already have a feature request to get this implemented for our next release.

- Ryan


OK, I will use close-window for now and look forward to the next release.



Hi Ryan,

I realize this is an old thread. I am using the trial version of SE Core, using eclipse 4.5.2

I am using Brief emulation, and F3 split window does not work.

Was this ever fixed? Is it even possible to split multiple times with F3 in SE Core? If not, I can't/don't want to use it, since that functionality is very important to me.

Due to API differences within Eclipse, those commands no longer function and work around is currently unavailable.  The issue has been logged and will try to address it at some future date.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the response. That is a bummer, since it will prevent me from purchasing the Core Edition. Back to CodeWright I go :(


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