Author Topic: syntax expansion in C/C++ for: if...else #if  (Read 6228 times)


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syntax expansion in C/C++ for: if...else #if
« on: December 11, 2009, 03:48:13 pm »
How do I perform "if...else" syntax expansion (step-by-step please)?  I can get "if" and "do" to work but typing if...else<space>, as shown in the alias list, does nothing.

If I type an else after an existing if statement, a syntax expansion pops up showing else {...}.  Selecting that puts {...} after the else an shows it highlighted as a selection, but any key stroke (space, enter, Ctrl-space, Ctrl-Shift-O) deletes the highlighted text:

Also #if<space> does nothing.

I'm using SlickEdit 2009.
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