Author Topic: Mapped drive letter is confusing Build/Debug tools, and auto-save  (Read 2662 times)


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I have SE set up so that it saves all relevant files before a project build so that current versions of the file are flushed to disk before the build begins.  This works great.

In our Development Group, we use a well-known, standardized drive letter to map our source directories.  This makes source location irrelevant, and allows builds to be performed reliably regardless of the physical location of the source.

When I walk through compiler errors in SE with next-error/prev-error, though, things go south:  the editor grabs the file with the actual pathname, rather than the mapped-drive pathname.   Thus, using mapped drive Q:, the file "Q:\MyFile.c" might get loaded by SE as, say, "D:\DEV\Company\Project\Source\MyFile.c". 

Both names refer to the same file, so everything works fine in terms of editing, etc.  However, when I build the project, SE won't auto-save the modified files with the non-mapped names, because the SE Project specifies the files with the mapped-drive-letter names.  This means having to explicitly "Save All" before every build.  It doesn't sound like much of a big deal, but it's a hassle I'd rather live without.

Is there any way to get SE to honor my mapped-drive designations for the files so that auto-save-project-files-before-build works correctly?