Author Topic: In VIM emulator, how to select columns, and how to indent 1 or several spaces  (Read 1649 times)


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for several lines? For example, if I have:
for (...)

I want to change it to:
#ifdef ...
    for (...)

Instead of using beautify, any other easier way to do this?


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Assuming you are doing C/C++, I would say using the existing "Surround With" alias would be the easiest way.  Just select the lines you want to surround with the #ifdef, right-click, select "Surround Selection With...", and choose "#ifdef".

In general, in Vim if you want to indent a certain number of lines you can just use the ">" command.  Start a line selection with "Shift+V", use "j" or "k" to cursor up or down and select all the lines, then hit ">" as many times as desired.  "<" will move the lines the other way.

Hope this helps.

- Ryan