Author Topic: SlickEdit 10.0.2 (Windows XP) unusable over VPN  (Read 2163 times)

Mike P Wagner

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SlickEdit 10.0.2 (Windows XP) unusable over VPN
« on: June 09, 2010, 09:18:05 pm »
I have a Windows laptop with SlickEdit, and I would like to use it to edit files in a ClearCase Snapshot view that's exported over a Windows share from a server at work.

When I use the laptop at work, SlickEdit works very well.

But when I try t work from home (over a VPN connection), SlickEdit is basically unusable - it spends most of the time with "Not Responding" on the title bar. If I can get it into "Full Screen" mode, then it is marginally more useful.

I am not building in SlickEdit - all I want to do is edit files (mostly C and C++ kernel code). I use a remote desktop into the server to actually do the builds.

The tag files are pretty good size (> 100 MB), but are stored locally.

Are there some configuration settings that will make SlickEdit perform acceptably in this situation?

I expected to pay some performance penalty for a relatively slow VPN connection, but I am now using gvim and cscope when I am at home.

Here's what "About SlickEdit" says:

Build Date: July 7, 2005
Emulation: VI

OS: Windows XP
Version: 5.01.2600  Service Pack 3

Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\SlickEdit\ (non-removable drive,NTFS)
Configuration Directory: C:\Documents and Settings\mwagner\My Documents\My SlickEdit Config\10.0.2\ (non-removable drive,NTFS)
Configuration Drive Usage: 50823MB / 156240MB
Spill File: C:\tmp\$slk.1 (non-removable drive,NTFS)
Spill File Directory Drive Usage: 50823MB / 156240MB

Memory Load: 32%
Physical Memory Usage: 0MB / 2097MB
Page File Usage: 0MB / 4194MB
Virtual Memory Usage: 195MB / 2097MB



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Re: SlickEdit 10.0.2 (Windows XP) unusable over VPN
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2010, 03:34:13 pm »

I know this suggestion is a bit late, but I figured it was better to have at least one suggestion :). I have found that the project and workspace files can get touched fairly frequently (at least in older versions of SE).  Perhaps having local copies would help?



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Re: SlickEdit 10.0.2 (Windows XP) unusable over VPN
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2010, 06:18:24 am »
What are you doing over the VPN connection?
- Are you using a Remote Desktop Connection to a work machine and running SE on the work machine?
- Are you running SE locally, using a local project and local workspace and local tag file, but opening remote files over UNC/etc over the VPN connection?
- Are you doing something else?

I've found that running SE over a Remote Desktop Connection is very painful if the connection is over cable or DSL (versus inside a 100mb+ LAN).  SE tends to do two full screen repaints quite often (up to two full repaints per keystroke), and it takes a couple seconds for the full screen repaints to complete.

If you're running SE locally, make sure all of SE's files are local.  Also if you have remote files open, it may help to turn off the "auto reload" and "auto read only" and "reload on switch buffer" settings in the Options dialog (in the File Options / Load node).

@Slickteam, it would be great if SE could optimize its painting to only redraw the parts of the screen that change, instead of repainting the entire window multiple times.