Author Topic: Debugging "doesn't work" in SE Core for FlexBuilder  (Read 5338 times)


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Debugging "doesn't work" in SE Core for FlexBuilder
« on: July 10, 2010, 11:25:32 PM »
"It doesn't work"...we all  love  that, right?  That's  all I could fit in the  title line!  Specifically:
- if  I hover the cursor over a variable,  I'm not shown its value.
- double-clicking the left margin to set a breakpoint yields an error dialog:  "This properrty or method id not allowed on this object.  file-mouse.ex offset=9107".  I also get a SlickC stack dump:
Code: [Select]
mouse.ex 9107 mou_command_click(0,1) p_window_id:4 p_object:OI_TEXT_BOX p_name:
mouse.exe 8378 mou_select_word() p_window_id:4 p_object: OI_TEXT_BOX p_name:
- right-clicking on a symbol in an effort to inspect it, add it to the watch list, etc. yields an error dialog: "This prroperty or method is not allowed on this object.  file-controls.ex offset=189".  SlickC stack:
Code: [Select]
mouse.exe  11177 mouse:_mou_menu(BLOCK) p_)window_id:4 p_object: OI_TEXT_BOX p_name:
mouse.exe 11114 mou_click_menu_block() p_window_id: 4 p_object: OI_TEXT_BOX p_name:

It may be of relevance to note that the mouse doesn't interact with SECore, either.  I can't position the cursor with the mouse (no errors reported, but nothing happens when I click in a source module);  I can't select text with the mouse (again, no error, just "nothing happens"), and the scroll wheel doesn't scroll the text.  Is all that supposed to work,  too,  or is the mouse unsupported in Core/FlexBuilder 3 mode?

How much of this stuff is supposed to work?  Are all these actions just unsupported, or do I have something broken?

Also, how can I find out what version of SECore and FlexBuilder support I have installed, so that I can be sure I have the latest stuff?

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Re: Debugging "doesn't work" in SE Core for FlexBuilder
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2010, 01:57:37 PM »
Yes, the mouse should be supported (??).  If you go to Help > About SlickEdit Core you can see what versions of Eclipse and SlickEdit Core you are running.  I have Core 3.5.0 running in FlexBuilder 3, and have for some time.  I'm upgrading to Core 3.5.1 now just so that I have the latest and greatest in my FlexBuilder 3 installation.

Let me know what versions you are running, and the first thing I would try is to just completely nuke your SlickEdit Core configuration directory.  On Vista it is at C:\Users\rhuff\Documents\My SlickEdit Core Config.  If you want you can backup the whole directory first, but then I would get rid of it and start FlexBuilder again.  Does this same problem persist?  What version/vendor of Java are you using?  Do you have the Flex Support Plug-in for SlickEdit Core installed?  If so, what version?  You can see the versions of individual plugins at Help > Product Details > Plug-in Details.

- Ryan