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Visual Studio Property Sheets
« on: September 28, 2010, 02:54:48 pm »
We have a largish Visual Studio 2008, soon to be migrated to Visual Studio 2010, solution. It contains several projects, both C++ and C#. To facilitate option sharing etc. we make use of Property Sheets to set several common options, such as output folder etc.. Unfortunately, it appears that SlickEdit does not fully support the use of Property Sheets when opening the solution files in Visual SlickEdit. Specifically, I have noticed for properties that we define in Property Sheets, the corresponding built in VSlick Macro is not properly set, and thus the default solution tools such as execute etc. do not work properly.

I have created a small example that demonstrates this. Unzip the attached zip and open the sln in Visual Slick Edit. Now set the CPP Project in the Solution as the Active Project and note that macros such as %o or empty etc. resulting in the default Execute and other tools to not work properly.

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Re: Visual Studio Property Sheets
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Thanks for the sample, I'll look into this.