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SlickEdit Hotfix
« on: December 17, 2010, 08:05:30 pm »
Hotfixes for the latest releases can be found here:

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Re: SlickEdit Hotfix
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 02:11:53 pm »
There is a new hotfix for SlickEdit 2019 (v24.0.0.8), available here:


python.e -- Fix for dynamic-surround not pulling in the last line of some Python statement blocks.

stdcmds.e -- Fix reported display manager in Help -> About dialog box. Could give an error message on Redhat based systems.

slickc.e -- Fix for bourne shell block matching (i.e if/fi).

debugpkg.e -- Fix bug where symbol mouse-over while debugging would not to display the values of variables.

se/color/LineNumberRanges.e se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e se/color/SymbolColorDoubleBuffer.e -- Fix for case where symbol coloring line ranges were tracked incorrectly and certain sections of the file would be marked as colored even though they were not, and as a result, would not be colored.

diffmf.e -- Optimizations to improve performance of threaded multi-file diff.

pipe.e -- Fix for bug that could cause a stack when bring up the Help About box.

tbcmds.e -- Fix Slick-C stack running "activate_tag_properties_toolbar" command.

diffmf.e -- Add workaround for case-preservation bug in multi-file threaded diff.

listproc.e -- Workaround for PHP statement tagging bug.

xmldoc.e sysobjs.e -- Fix Slick-C stack in XMLdoc documentation comment editor. Fix Preview button for XMLdoc documentation comment editor. Fix column sizing for tree control in XMLdoc documentation comment editor.

tagrefs.e -- Fix a minor sizing issue with icons in the References tool window. Added support for copying selected text from the references edit window

fontcfg.e main.e tbcontrols.e tbprops.e se/ui/twprops.e -- Add additional options for fine-tuning toolbar icon sizes (Huge, Giant, Colossal). Make "Automatic" the default setting for all icons.

codehelp.e taggui.e -- Make sure that function-argument help, auto-list-members, and mouse-over help are all dismissed when the select symbol dialog is displayed.

slickc.e -- Fix for loading user macros more than once being deleted from def_macfiles.

sysobjs.e -- Fix for Update Manager dialog in Dark theme where header at top of form would show light gray text on white background. We now use system/theme colors.

seldisp.e tbsearch.e -- Fix "Collapse All" behavior in Search Results tool window.

debug.e -- Fix auto-variable watches for array declarations.

mouse.e -- Add option to adjust the delay before displaying information for the symbol under the mouse in an editor window. This setting can be adjusted using Tools - Options - Editing - Context Tagging - Show info for symbol under mouse after (ms).

wkspace.e -- Fix for error open Visual Studio solution due to a new configuration being added.

annotations.e -- Fix so Esc supports Vim emulation in all of the annotation dialogs.

xml.e -- Fix bug where list-members could cause HTML editing to drop out of soft-wrap mode.

sysobjs.e -- Fix default initial size for C/C++ Preprocessing form so that Help button is not obscured.
se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e -- Fix problem where Symbol Coloring could cause a hang.

tags.e -- Fix problem where symbol highlighting would cause a message box to pop up when you moved the cursor over a symbol in an unnamed source file.

cutil.e tagwin.e -- Fix bug where double-clicking or hitting enter in the editor control part of the Preview window when it is not displaying a file would result in the editor opening a window with an untitled buffer. -- C# color coding for @" needs to support a doubles char of ". Some improvements for comment color coding for Windows Batch