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SlickEdit Hotfix
« on: December 17, 2010, 08:05:30 pm »
Hotfixes for the latest releases can be found here:

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Re: SlickEdit Hotfix
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2019, 05:22:10 pm »
There is a new hotfix for SlickEdit 2018 (v23.0.0), available here:

Revision 3
Latest updates:

• stdprocs.e -- Template Manager should not allow Installed Templates to be modified.
• tbfind.e -- Fix issues with duplicates and key up/key down in Look in drop down in Find in Files/Replace in Files.

Previous updates:

• codehelp.e stdcmds.e -- Improve documentation comment scanning so that we stop scanning if we encounter a blank line between two comment groups.
• svchistory.e se/vc/Subversion/SVN.e -- Fix bug where "Diff XXX with version YYY" from the Version Control history dialog would fail to pull the correct versions from Subversion. Fix bug in "Diff XXX with other version" so that it correctly handles the case where the two versions come from different branches. Also enhance "Diff XXX with other version" to start with version XXX initially selected.
• options.e stdcmds.e -- Make sure that Update documentation comment and Reflow comment are disabled in read-only mode.
• hotfix.e -- More general "CompatibleVersions" checks for hot fixes.
• docsearch.e markfilt.e tbfind.e -- Fix Slick-C stack/crash when initializing Find/MiniFind with selected text for long lines.
• diff.e diffedit.e stdcmds.e -- Peformance improvement for _isdiffed() function. Improves performance in general when you have a large number of files open.
• tbfind.e -- Fix for Find and Replace Tool Window > Find Files: Find button not visible.
• cutil.e csymbols.e -- Fix for case where context tagging fails for symbol declared in C++11 style for each idiom, "for (const someType &var : someCollection) { ... }"
• smartp.e -- Fix so SmartPaste works better when pasting a character selection of complete lines created using Shift+Down or similar mouse selection.
• proctree.e treeview.e -- Fix Defs Tool Window so that disabling Auto Expand actually does disable auto-expanding the tree. Make Expand One Level, Expand Two Levels, and Expand Children settings persistent.
• vi.e -- Fix Vim search issue when using "Always highlight search results" highlighting results outside original search buffer.
• beautifier.e surround.e -- Fix for bad syntax expansion indents that can happen right before a closing brace.
• compile.e -- Fixes problem where a debug target with "Build first" enabled that runs the "mvnDebug" command could get in an unbreakable retry loop when the build fails.
• c.e -- Fix class/interface syntax expansion for Java to honor the configured brace style.
• beautifier.e objc.e python.e quickrefactor.e -- Fixes problem where syntax expansions don't always honor per-document tab settings. Also fixes a problem where inferred settings via Adaptive Formatting could be leaked between  different   documents.
• cbrowser.e ccontext.e -- Fix C++ constructor initializer list auto-complete and symbol coloring for C++11 delegating constructors and parent class constructors.
• compile.e monoopts.e sysobjs.e -- Fixes for better handling Mono projects with spaces in paths.
• c.e -- Fix for Enter key not indenting correctly when cursor is before C++ case or default keywords.
• c.e -- Improved C++ support for handling the Enter key when there is a label is in column 1.
• clipbd.e -- Fix for Vim emulation Slick-C stack which occurs when attempt to run keyboard macro which doesn't exist (i.e @a). Windows only: Fix for "Mouse selection creates clipboard" so can paste a character selection into a column selection created with   the mouse.
• c.e -- Fix for C++ bad brace placement after a class/struct/union definition when the brace style is Same Line.
• slickc.e -- Fix for Slick-C stack running 'dload' command.
• gradle.e -- Fix problem for Gradle project imports for sub-projects that have dashes in the name. Also fixes command lists for the root project so all commands are selectable from the Gradle Options page.
• calendar.e sysobjs.e tbfind.e -- Fix error handling for invalid dates in Date picker for Find in Files, Advanced Filtering.
• restore.e -- Fix for bug with auto restore. When specify workspace on invocation, dialog history and other info not restored.
• keybindings.e -- Fix for some hypertext links in keybindings dialog command help text not working.
• vi.e -- VIM emulation: Changed error message to indicate "Already in normal mode" instead of command mode.
• debuggui.e -- Fix Slick-C stack in Debug Memory tool windows for invalid size values.
• filewatch.e -- Fix Slick-C stack in Debug Memory tool windows for invalid size values.
• autocomplete.e -- Auto-Complete should show syntax expansion options even if a larger minimum prefix length for syntax expansion on space is set.
• proctree.e -- Fix column sizing problem in Defs tool window when in XML outline mode.
• surround.e -- Fix bugs in dynamic surround for Python when at the bottom of the file.
• context.e -- Fix bug where Defs tool window would not force update for large files that used slower symbol searching technique (proc-search). Add option to tune file size limit for slower symbol searching technique.