Author Topic: DateTime.e Assertion Failure bug fix  (Read 7285 times)

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DateTime.e Assertion Failure bug fix
« on: March 02, 2011, 05:44:14 PM »
A severe bug was reported in SlickEdit Core v3.6 that is causing it to lock up or crash. We apologize for the difficulty you are experiencing. The problem is caused by a bad date/time calculation. You can fix this problem by loading the attached DateTime.e file.

Please follow these steps:
1)   Save the attached DateTime.e file to a directory of your choice. We do not recommend, nor is it necessary, to save this to the SlickEdit Core macros directory.
2)   Rename your vrestore.slk file to vrestore.tmp. You will rename this file back to vrestore.slk when the procedure is finished. This is stored in your config directory. By default, the user configuration directory is in the following location, depending on the operating system you are using:
   •   Windows: .../My Documents/My SlickEdit Core Config/Editor_Version/
   •   Linux: $HOME/.secore/editor_version/
3)   Start SlickEdit Core.
4)   Load the updated DateTime.e file. Select Macro > Load Module.  When prompted, navigate to the saved DateTime.e file and click OK.
5)   Exit SlickEdit Core.
6)   Rename vrestore.tmp to vrestore.slk.

You should now be able to run SlickEdit Core without the problem and with all of your configuration and history intact.