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S/FTP uploading...
« on: November 16, 2006, 09:47:57 pm »
I love the SFTP feature... But I have one issue.. I can't seem to use it with project files.. Let me explain...

I have a local project, that I want to keep in sync with a remote directory.. So I load Slick with the project, then I connect to my remote server.. In the settings for the SFTP connection, I have directory mapping stuff setup.. If I'm in the FTP view of the project panel, and I click a file, edit, and save it, it will be saved remotely and locally.. Which is what I want...

But if I try to click a file in the Project view of the project panel, edit and save, it will only save to local, not remote.. Which, for me, defeats the purpose of project files.. This also happens if I use the 'push-tag' command and the file isn't already open in the buffers...

Is there any way to get the behaviour of the first method of opening a file, mixed with the second?


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Re: S/FTP uploading...
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