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Has the forum clock gone wrong?

If I'm not logged in, what part of the world does the clock time I see on the slick forum correspond to?   It doesn't seem to match North Carolina right now??

I'm in Pacific time, and the forum clock has never matched my time zone in the 3 years I've been using SE and frequenting the forums.  I just assumed it intentionally shows the server's local time.

That's what I thought too but now I'm confused.  Yesterday, Clark made a post at around breakfast time in North Carolina but the time on his post was nothing like breakfast time.  I'm in New Zealand and I always thought the forum clock time showed the time where SlickEdit is based (North Carolina  - is that "Eastern" time) when I'm not logged in.


Looks to me like it is GMT.

Phil Barila:
You might check your profile preferences.  Mine had -3 in it, and I'm not sure how that happened, since I'm only 2 hours off from NC.  Anyway, once I fixed that, (and it will even fix it automatically for you if you click "auto detect", the forum time no longer appears to be in Bermuda.   :D


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