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VSE 16 & Weblogic
« on: July 13, 2011, 04:19:29 pm »
The production and test servers at my new job use a version of Weblogic published in 2006.   I would like to set up a copy of Weblogic on my computer to test JSPs and Servlets I develop.  It looks like Weblogic has a development environment with an Eclipse based IDE and personal web server/servlet container integrated/bundled together.

I would rather use Visual Slickedit to develop my JSPs/Servlets.   

Any insights on how I could do this?
Could I use Visual Slickedit, like I currently do, to produce WAR files, which I could then just deploy into WebLogic somewhere?

If so, could someone point to some documentation on how to set up a personal copy of Weblogic and how to deploy WAR files I produce elsewhere into it?

Thanks in advance.