Author Topic: vim key sequences should not be interpreted in regular slickedit command mode  (Read 2171 times)


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Version: 16.0.1 with (Revision: 3)

When going to normal slickedit command mode (using Ctrl-A in vim mode), I can't type a 'g' because 'gg' means go to top of buffer. If I remove the key mapping for gg, I have to type two g's to get a g inserted because visual mode takes a 'g'. I am in neither vi command mode or vi visual mode. I am in SlickEdit command mode. How can this be distinguished so that these keys are not interpreted?


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What do you mean by: "I can't type a 'g'.." ?  What happens when you type a 'g' on the command line?  Does it go to the top of the buffer?  Does it not let you insert that character?

I can't replicate any weird behavior with this...and neither could tech support.  Have you tried running with a default config temporarily, just to test this behavior?

- Ryan