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Parsing errors on c++ (error -8020: undefined symbol)

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Hi there,

I'm working on the project using c++ and I want to refactor some classes. Currently, the project is compiled without any error, I try to use some simple refactoring tools, e.g. Encapsulate Field, but slickedit reports lots of errors with same error code,

error -8020: undefined symbol 'BYTE'
error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxDialog'

BTW, wxDialog is class in the wxWindows and my compiler is VC 6.0.
I encounter same errors when I try to parse the file. but actually I think I've added appropriate pathes into 'User Include Search Directories'. I can't find any document to explain about the error code and do not how to solve the problem. (may since I'm new on both programming and slickedit. )

I'm appreciate any suggestion and help.


Can you provide the output from the 'Test Parsing Configuration...' window?


Thank you for reply.
Here is the output in parsing file window. I'm using wxWindows (change to wxwidget now)

Parsing:  "C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h"
*** Errors
C:\wx2\include\wx\font.h(76,39): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxGDIObject'
C:\wx2\include\wx\window.h(427,45): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxAcceleratorTable'
C:\wx2\include\wx\window.h(429,5): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxAcceleratorTable'
C:\wx2\include\wx\window.h(668,13): error -8020: undefined symbol 'WXWidget'
C:\wx2\include\wx\window.h(712,5): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxAcceleratorTable'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(102,22): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxApp'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(308,25): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxDialog'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(341,2): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxBitmapButton'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(342,2): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxBitmapButton'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(343,2): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxStaticText'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(344,2): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxStaticText'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(359,28): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxPanel'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(387,27): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxScrolledWindow'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(586,38): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxComboBox'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(613,30): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxDialog'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(659,27): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxMDIParentFrame'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(781,30): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxMDIChildFrame'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(1057,17): error -8020: undefined symbol 'msImageProcessor'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(1057,42): error -8020: undefined symbol 'BgImage'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(1059,22): error -8020: undefined symbol 'msImageProcessor'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(1060,22): error -8020: undefined symbol 'msImageProcessor'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(1080,33): error -8020: undefined symbol 'wxMDIChildFrame'
C:\Project\GUI\bgimsystem.h(1415,17): error -8020: undefined symbol 'BYTE'


I'm not too familiar with wxWidgets, but it looks like the preconditions for using refactoring have not been met yet. Apparently at least one include file seems to be unknown to SE.
Is it possible that your compiler includes one or more include files up front, without an explicit #include?
I'd suppose that SE needs all such files explicitly.

Have a look where those 'undefined symbols' are defined, in which files, and look into why SE doesn't seem to find those. Maybe an include path has been forgotten in your project definition.




Thanks for your suggestion.
I think I've already added all necessary paths, since the project can be compiled and run without problem.
I don't know if the slickedit need any additional configuration to parse the file.

Any suggestion from SlickEdit?




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