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forum web page sometimes doesn't display properly with google chrome


For the last few weeks or something, using google chrome (17.0.963) I quite often get the forum web pages shown without the banner and with no page background and no color or highlighting in the menus etc. - like a css file has got lost or something.  Ctrl F5 in chrome doesn't seem to fix it - didn't right now anyway.  Internet explorer and safari are both showing the page correctly.  Anyone else getting this?

Phil Barila:
Yeah, since you pointed it out, I see it in the same version of chrome.  The Firefox I'm posting it from shows everything properly.

Phil Barila:
Clearing the Chrome cache didn't fix it for me.  The only thing I didn't delete was saved PWs and autofill form data, but since I don't use Chrome for much, there's nothing there, anyway.  I only jumped into this thread for curiosity's sake.  Oh .... that's it.  I wasn't logged into the forum on Chrome.  Once I logged in, the expected bits showed up.  I would suspect some kind of cookie killer that's causing Chrome to load it as a guest, or whatever state "Not logged in" is called.


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