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Setting the parameters of compiling



I'd like to know how to set the compile parameters in SE, e.g., If there is such a compile command: gcc -g -c -I/opt/include -lpthread, how to set it in SE's progect?


UP! why cannot get any support?   :-[

Did you create the project as a Gnu C/C++ Wizard?

Build -> Gnu C Options :: Compile and Link tabs.

Also, Project -> Properties :: Directories tab.

ScottW, VP of Dev:
Hi David,

We use the Community Forums as a way for users to help other users. Support requests should be submitted through or by selecting Help > Contact Product Support within SlickEdit. We do watch the forums, and we answer questions that are helpful to the community as a whole and as time permits.

That being said, let's see what we can do on your issue. You DO need to be sure you are using the GNU C/C++ wizard to set up your projects, as previously mentioned. Once that is done, select Project > Project Properties and then select the Tools tab to configure build commands.

Select the Build command and click the Options button. The options selected will apply to Build, Rebuild, and Compile. I don't know why, but the Options button isn't visible when you select the Compile command. We have an extensive GUI that allows you to configure most of the common options for GNU. Each option shows the actual command line option string that is used to make sure you're getting the desired behavior.

You can add include directories on the Directories tab.
You can specify additional libraries on the Link tab using one of two methods:
   1) put "-lpthread" in Other Options or
   2) put "pthread" (or browse to it) in Libraries/Objects.
You can specify additional compiler options on the Compilers tab, in Other Options.

Let us know if you aren't able to get you builds configured so we can see if we need to make some changes. 



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