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how to set font for specific file type

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We just went to v11 here and it seems some file types aren't adopting the font I set.  In my case this is a .als file.  A friend has noticed his .vb files don't appear in his usual font.  I haven't been able to find the setting to adjust this so far.  Can anyone help?


Fonts are not file type sensitive, but it seems that the font setup is now stored per workspace.
Maybe you've to check/adjust the fonts for all your workspaces ...


We don't really use workspaces/projects here so I'm not sure how that would affect us....

ScottW, VP of Dev:
HS2 is correct that fonts are not tied to file types.

Out of curiosity, what language are you coding in? Some of SlickEdit's most powerful features depend on your code being set up in Workspaces and Projects. Code navigation and completions will be dramatically improved by putting your code in projects and letting it be tagged.


We use mostly Ada and VB.NET, with some of Fortran and C.  This is an old project (obviously) and I'm new here so I can't give you as much detail as I'd like.  Our compiler is ObjectAda (I work mostly Ada so far) and it requires a different project for each of our 50+ executables so we don't use them with Aonix. I suppose everyone has just assumed (yes, I know what that means) that SlickEdit projects would be as difficult to maintain or were not needed in our case.  We do use tagging with some benefit and have used features of extension-based projects somewhat.

Do you recommend a different workspace (project?) for each language to get the most of the tool, or do we need to make one for each executable like Aonix?


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