Author Topic: Mac: upgrading SlickEdit restores key bindings that have been removed  (Read 2652 times)


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I am using Xcode emulation. When I upgraded to, some key bindings that I had manually removed (like safe-exit bound to Command-Q) were restored automatically. This also happened during the v17 beta program and is continuing to happen with the new update. Practically, this might mean that I have to keep a separate list of keyboard customizations I make and re-apply them every time I upgrade SlickEdit.


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I've noticed the same thing with recent updates. I've removed key bindings on Ctrl+O for gui-open and Ctrl+M for project-build, but they come back whenever I upgrade.

Code: [Select]
SlickEdit 2012 (v17.0.1.0 64-bit)

Serial number: WB824242
Licensed number of users: Single user
License file: C:\ProgramData\slickedit\17\slickedit.lic

Build Date: July 11, 2012
Emulation: Epsilon

OS: Windows 7 x64
OS Version: 6.01.7601  Service Pack 1
Memory: 43% Load, 5400MB/12278MB Physical, 4786MB/12277MB Page File, 396MB/8388607MB Virtual
Shell Info: c:\tccle11\tcc.exe
Screen Size: 1920 x 1200, 1200 x 1600

Project Type: Cpp
Language: .cpp (C/C++)

Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\SlickEditV17.0.1 x64\ (non-removable drive,NTFS,129498MB free)
Configuration Directory: C:\Users\Evan\Documents\My SlickEdit Config\17.0.1\ (non-removable drive,NTFS,129498MB free)
Spill File: c:\temp\$slk.9 (non-removable drive,NTFS,129498MB free)


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What about other setting, like tabs and indentation? I've been losing that?