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Help with FunctionHelp
« on: August 22, 2012, 03:53:15 am »
Here's a problem I've been trying to solve for a very long time that has me completely stumped, so I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I am adding support for AutoHotkey.  It's a very cool automation macro tool that I use all the time. 

The syntax is very C-like.  Comments start with semicolons, and functions look a lot like C++ functions.  A simple function with a stub of a NaturalDocs style header looks like this:

Code: [Select]
; Func: WinGoto
; Activate a target window after starting the application if necessary.
WinGoto(TargetWin, TargetRun, SendKeys = "", X = -1, Y = -1, Timeout = 30) {
    return result

Basic procedure tagging is easy.  I just built the usual autohotkey_proc_search and autohotkey_tag_case functions, and procedure tagging works fine.  Had that working forever.

I wanted to add proper function help support so I could get parameter list tooltips and the like, so I thought it would be easy.  I thought I could just use the existing C style code that's already there as is done for Java and C#.  To test the theory, I just saved an AHK file with a .java extension, changed all semicolons to // and everything works great.  Same goes for .cs, .c, .cpp - almost any of the curly brace languages seems to work, so I thought I could just leverage that.

I followed the pattern used for java, C#, etc. by adding these 2 functions, which I thought could do it:

Code: [Select]
int _autohotkey_fcthelp_get_start(_str (&errorArgs)[],
  boolean OperatorTyped,
  boolean cursorInsideArgumentList,
  int &FunctionNameOffset,
  int &ArgumentStartOffset,
  int &flags) {
return _c_fcthelp_get_start(errorArgs,OperatorTyped,cursorInsideArgumentList,FunctionNameOffset,ArgumentStartOffset,flags);

int _autohotkey_fcthelp_get(_str (&errorArgs)[],
VSAUTOCODE_ARG_INFO (&FunctionHelp_list)[],
boolean &FunctionHelp_list_changed,
int &FunctionHelp_cursor_x,
_str &FunctionHelp_HelpWord,
int FunctionNameStartOffset,
int flags,
VS_TAG_BROWSE_INFO symbol_info=null,
VS_TAG_RETURN_TYPE (&visited):[]=null, int depth=0) {
return  _c_fcthelp_get(errorArgs,
   flags, symbol_info,
   visited, depth);

That's basically just cloning Java.  When I execute function_argument_help, I get a tooltip window with just the contents of the comment block as plain text (as expected), but I don't get a list of parameters (See image here

I've done a bunch of things trying to get the parameters but come up short.  I can get it work if I change the file extension to one of the well-known extensions, but I just can't seem to get it to work for the extension I have. 

Could it be because the parameters are embedded in the tag file and I don't have it?  It doesn't seem like it since it manages to read the comment from the buffer, but it's possible.  I even tried cloning a bunch of other java functions without much success.

I'm kind of stuck here.  Any ideas on how to proceed?