Author Topic: Is there a way to directly go to properties for a particular project config?  (Read 2233 times)


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So my projects have a LOT more configurations than just "release" and "debug". A lot more - like:
build type: release / develop / debug
OS: WinXP / Win7 / Win8 / Windows RT / Win(some future version)
CPU arch: x86 / amd64 / ARM
GPU arch: (A mighty big list)
other configs: emulation / no emulation....

This leads me to having a bunch of configurations created under each project:
etc. - bunches of build configurations.

So the problem is if I want to edit the currently active project configuration, there isn't any direct way to get to it that I can find. I go to "Project / Properties" in the menu, and it defaults to "All configurations", which is just about useless for my projects. So I end up scrolling through dozens of project configurations, editing the config, trying it, noticing "doh! got the makefile command line wrong", and then repeating.

This is intensely irritating. Is there a way to get a button on the toolbar to go DIRECTLY to the active project configuration? Lest you think "how bad can this be?" In the current project for this workspace, I have 30 build configurations defined. (This is not enough, btw). This is just one of about 15 projects in this workspace, most of them have a very large number of build configurations. Unfortunately, the makefile commandlines change frequently enough that this is a continuous irritation.


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While I'm asking for stuff, it would also be swell if the active configuration were used as the basis configuration when you create a new configuration in "Project Configuration Settings". As it is, I have to scroll through all of mine, and then often times a bunch of slick edit's configurations that I also don't care about.


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Regarding your first question, I don't have time at the moment to play with this myself but if you want to try something, have a look at the function void _proj_prop_sstab.on_change(int reason) in project.e  - you can see where all-configs is selected.  Then try this
1. close slick and backup your configuration folder
2. run slick and open the project properties dialog
3. press ctrl+shift+space  - the project properties dialog opens in design mode
4. double click on the combo box that selects the config, then select the on-change event
5. you'll be taken to the on-change event handler for ctlCurConfig

It looks like the name of the active config is stored in gActiveConfigName - so you could change the code to try selecting that in _proj_prop_sstab.on_change.  If you're going to change project.e, either copy it to your config folder and modify/ load it from there or make a backup of it first.

Also have a look at ctlok.on_create in pconfig.e