Author Topic: BUG: Class members displayed in alphabetical order (CAS-58867-5F4H).  (Read 2624 times)


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Hi All,

Some time ago I raised a support ticket (CAS-58867-5F4H) which was about the members inside a class being displayed in alphabetical order instead of declarative order within the debugger. This is still occurring in 17.0.3. I had some correspondence with the support crew and it was though that the users may prefer to see this information in alphabetical order.

I for one would prefer to see this information in declarative order for these reasons:
  • In many cases class members are deliberately placed in a certain order as they have some relation to each other. To see them in the debugger out of order is very confusing. An example of this is vector. I find it very confusing see to the "end" member before the "start" member.
  • In C++ declarative order is important. It effects the order in which objects are constructed and destructed.
  • The members are in memory in the declarative order. I can now no longer look in the memory window and the locals windows and cross reference what is happening.
  • I'm sure there are many reasons out there.
I guess in summary that I prefer the debugger to show me how it is. At the moment it is lying to me and I don't like that.

(note: if I say 'debug-send-command print blah' the members are display in declarative order.

Are there any plans to fix this issue?



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Re: BUG: Class members displayed in alphabetical order (CAS-58867-5F4H).
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I'm with you. Declarative order makes more sense to me. If I wanted the members in alphabetical order, I would have put them that way in the class definition.