Author Topic: Is there a way to tell vsdiff folder compare to ignore missing files  (Read 1650 times)


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Is there a way to tell the vsdiff folder compare to ignore files in the path 1 tree that don't exist in the path 2 tree?

I am working on a huge component with dozens of directories and hundreds of files in the source file tree.  My contribution is meager compared to the whole component, but my files are scattered across 10 or more directories.  I often need to compare a backup tree (path 2) of my sparse contributions against the master component (path 1), but the Mult-File Diff Output is cluttered with files or directories within the master tree that do not exist in the backup of my contributions.  In my case, over 13000 missing files and directories are reported and each is a false alarm.  I only want to see the results for the directories and files that exist in the backup tree (path 2).