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What is the correct way to refresh files and retag them?

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I have a project with a lot of files. I have the files added using recursive wild cards *.cpp, etc..

Question #1: What's the proper way to refresh the files supplied in the Open dialog?

I tried Project->Project Properties, Files tab, select all, Refresh

This seems to do absolutely nothing.

Quiting Slickedit and re-starting it finally worked. I'd like to know what the correct way to do it is without having to restart slickedit

Question #2: How do I retag correctly?

After doing the refresh from Question #1 I picked Project->Retag Workspace and clicked okay in the Rebuild Tag File dialog. Slickedit went off and tagged 80k files. I then went to a class, pressed Ctrl-H (push-tag), the select symbol dialog appeared. I picked the one I was interested in and was told "Path not found" WTF?! :-(

I just refreshed and retagged, there should be no stale references.

So again, how do I do this "correctly" in slickedit so I get current and correct files and tags?

I use workspace-retag command, but not sure if it's the correct one.

For question #1: Project menu -> Refresh works for me.  Hopefully it'll help with #2 as well?  If not, maybe Tools -> Tag Files, select your workspace tag file, then "Rebuild Tag File..." will be a bit more comprehensive?


Another possibility -- Could the stale paths be coming from a different tag file, i.e. not the workspace tag file?

Anyway, here's how to do a full clean rebuild of the tag file:

1. exit SE
2. delete vtg file
3. start SE
4. rebuild tag file

I have to do that periodically.  There seems to be some kind of long standing issue where tag files either accumulate stale references or get corrupted, I don't know what's happening.  I assume the reason it still exists is because it's difficult (as in unknown how) to reproduce on demand and therefore difficult to find a root cause and fix.  If there were a public tool to analyze the health of a vtg file (and report details and statistics, beyond just a Boolean "ok/bad") it would be much easier to help the SE team track these things down (and to accurately characterize them).

It doesn't seem to be a significant pain point for me, though, so as far as I can tell it seems reasonable for it to be middle-to-low in the priority queue.

Oddly, this is also a problem in much later versions- I am using Mac Slickedit pro 2017.

The tag file I have for my project has a fixed set of files it created when I added the tree. Once it's been created, there is no way to "add tree" "add files" or even remove the tag file from the workspace/project. Having to go behind Slickedit and delete the tag file is a really big UI flaw IMHO.


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