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How do you get back to "normal" MDI?

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I'm not a fan of fixed windows.

Me either!

Is there a way to do this?  For me, this is a show stopper.  I absolutely HATE fixed window editors - does everyone have to be like Eclipse?


[Edit:  More information]

Clark says 'Next beta will allow you to float edit windows...'
(Source:,9130.0.html )


I just had a look at the released demo and while it does let you float windows all over your desktop, it is NOT MDI.  I think it's completely silly to have removed the "normal" way a LOT of people edit.

I hate these "ultimatum" comments, but I'm just stating a simple fact for myself --  but unless I can edit like I have FOR YEARS, I'll stick with version 17 or go find another editor. 


I don't get it.  What is meant by "fixed windows"?  What is your definition of MDI?  You're not forced to drag a window outside the main slickedit window?  Can you try and explain more about what the problem is?


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