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Auto check-out on edit broken with Perforce on 64 bit


I have version control configured to use the Perforce command line system on 64 bit (in the absence of the 64 bit SCC provider DLL), with "Auto check-out on edit" enabled.

When I edit a read-only file that will need to be checkout out, I get the dialog with the option to "Check out the latest version", but when I click "OK", VS runs a "p4 sync <my file>" command rather than the "p4 edit <my file>" required to do a checkout.

Checking out the file manually from the "Version control->Checkout..." context menu runs a different set of commands and succeeds ("p4 -ztag fstat ..." twice, followed by "p4 edit").

Right, the first dialog was apparently never updated, it should use edit.

Does the edit command work correctly when you right click?

It gets the status to be able to update the bitmap status.


--- Quote ---Does the edit command work correctly when you right click?
--- End quote ---


OK.  If you PM me an email address I'll send you the fix.


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