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Adaptive Formatting was performed while disabled


I have Adaptive Formatting disabled in my options. I just wrote the declaration of a derived class, and when I entered the opening brace, the dialog box opened prompting me to choose which methods to implement. I selected the methods, chose "Prototypes here, copy implementation to clipboard" (which is a nice improvement, by the way), and clicked OK. The prototypes showed up correctly.

All of this is fine, but I got a little notification in the lower corner of the screen saying "Adaptive Formatting was performed". Is this correct behavior, even if I have Adaptive Formatting disabled?

I'll look into this and see what I can find.

Just FYI, I've seen this over the last several versions (since 16 at least) but it's intermittent/random... (might be a one time thing when updating between versions and open files in the project?)
My options are set to disable adaptive formatting, but when I go to edit a file the adaptive formatting kicks in... If I check the options view, adaptive formatting is verified as off.  If I close and re-open the file everything seems to work as expected and adaptive formatting isn't used.

I found a spot where I think this might have happened.  We have had problems in the past with adaptive formatting turning itself back on, but I thought we'd got those all shaken out.  If it happens again in the next beta, let me know.

Thanks for the bug report!


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