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Dark themes woes


Still having troubles with dark themes - Note that the new windows tabs use the correct "windows text" font color I have specified (light blue) but the sidebars (on the left and bottom) are defaulting to dark text which none of my windows font colors is set for.  Also note the same for the pop-up menu. I think the pop-up menu disabled text is incorrect here as well but that's not as big of a deal for me.

I'm guessing you have a custom theme, since all 4 default high-contrast themes under Windows 7 looked fine to me. Specifically, I looked at the dock channel area you referenced in your original post. What happens if you pick one of the default high-contrast themes?


High contrast is honored - But note that menu/window color changes are applied immediately but pop-up menus and the docked/sidebars require SE to be restarted to be applied.

Yeah it's a custom theme, but I just did a quick check:  Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Personalization | Window Color | Advanced Appearance Settings:

the menu font colors in SE honor the windows appearances Menu Item font color. (the top menu bar)
The MDI windows tab in SE don't honor the windows title bar colors but the Window Item's text color (the text for the window contents)
The pop-up menu (right click on text window) is fixed at black but, ironically, the shortcut key text on the pop-up menu honors the pop-up menu color.
The docked/hidden sidebars are also fixed at dark gray.

Would it be possible to have the pop-up menu and the docked/hidden sidebars just follow the menu color for windows?


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