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Long-standing full screen render bug

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This issue is not new to v18 but now is a great time to get it fixed.  :)

Steps to reproduce (on Windows):
1) Start SlickEdit 'clean' (i.e. empty config folder)
2) Select 'Finish' to get past the preliminaries
3) Auto-hide the left and bottom tool window groups
4) Open an empty document (e.g. <ESC> new-file <ENTER>)
5) Select View->Full Screen

See attached screenshot of the bottom left corner of the SlickEdit screen. There exists a 'square' that should not be...

Consistently reproducible for me on both WinXP (SE 17.0.3) and Win7 x64 (SE 17.0.3 and SE v18 Beta).

Very strange indeed. Was able to reproduce this on the Mac as well. We'll look into it.

Still seeing this in B7.  :(

...and still occurs in B8 (RC).

Any hope this will be fixed for the final release?


Still broken in the final 2013 release.  :(


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