Author Topic: Derived class implementation file has methods out of order  (Read 1660 times)


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Using Beta 2, I derived a C++ class in a header file and when I typed the opening brace, I got the dialog prompting me for which methods to implement. I selected all of the methods, and left the choice to put prototypes in the .h file, and definitions in the .cpp file. This worked, but the .cpp file has the method definitions in reverse order to what they are in the .h file. That is, if my .h file looks like:
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class DerivedClass : public IBaseClass
    virtual void FnA();
    virtual void FnB();
    virtual void FnC();

the .cpp file looks like:
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virtual void DerivedClass::FnC() {}
virtual void DerivedClass::FnB() {}
virtual void DerivedClass::FnA() {}

It would be nice if the methods were in the same order in both files.


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Re: Derived class implementation file has methods out of order
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I'm going to file a defect about this.  I looked into this a long time ago and I agree it is annoying.