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Multi-file diffing with DiffZilla.
« on: May 04, 2013, 07:25:45 pm »
Run diffzilla comparing two directory trees.

Select a file type "Alt-D" to open the diff on that file.
Press Alt-N until you get to the end of the file.
Diff prompts with "No more differences. Close now?" yes/no.
Y and N are underlined.
Alt-Y and Alt-N do not work, but they should. (Plain "y" works, but not alt-y as you would expect).

Select a file type "Alt-D" to open the diff on that file.
Navigate around a little with the keyboard.
Alt-Tab away to something else, like IE
Alt-Tab back to the diff window.
The "Multi-file diff output" window gets keyboard focus even though it stays underneath the diff window. This makes it impossible to get back to the diff-window with the keyboard.
The DiffWIndows do not show up in the Alt-Tab list, but they should -- make them top level windows and this problem is fixed.

#3: Make the "Multi-file diff output" window  narrow.
If the paths you are comparing are long, then "Path 1" and "Path 2" now are drawn on top of each other making a jumble of text at the top of the  window.

At the bottom of the diff window there are three colored texts: Insert, Modified, Imaginary. (dark red, red and cyan)
But, I see other colors in the diff as well -  a bright green, that I don't know that it means.

#5: "EOL character do not match" dialog:
I haven't been able to figure out what this does.

Seems obvious, but it isn't at all really.
What, exactly, are the differences between the two files?
Is one file CRLF and the other LF? Or are both files some mix of multiple kinds of EOLs?
How can I view the EOLs in diff? Can I go into HEX mode somehow?

The 3 choices (compare EOL, do not compare EOL, Convert EOL) don't seem to make any difference in the resulting DIFF window.

Convert EOL chars, to what? It only gives DOS and UNIX options. Shouldn't it give the full set of options?
Why offer to convert at all?
When one of the files is read-only, Slick fails with "Could not save file ......, Access Denied"
Does that mean that it doesn't do any EOL conversions, or only to one of the two files?

Are different EOLs supposed to get highlighted in the diff?
How does this interact with SourceDiff and the various whitespace filtering options?
Why can't I cycle between these options in the DIFF window itself instead of having to decide up front?