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Search Results window
« on: May 17, 2013, 06:23:30 pm »
I don't have exact repro steps, but it seems like it happens so often that others must have this problem too.
Do a multi-file search (or list-all occurances) so that the search results appear in the Search Results tool window.

Normally you would expect this window to be scrolled all the way to the top-left of the results. Then as you press "F3" (find-next) to walk through the result set then the Search Results window ought to scroll to keep the current result visible.
Often though the scroll position doesn't sync with the current find result.

Most often this happens to me that after a search the results window doesn't get reset to the top-left position, and then it doesn't try to keep the current search result visible anymore.

It seems to have something to do with the cursor in the search results window.
Just now I was having a problem where the search-results window wasn't tracking. I played around with it a bit and then it got stuck being scrolled to the left. I was able to fix the left scroll problem by placing the cursor focus in this window and using HOME to move it to column 1.

I've been having this problem since V17, maybe 16, and it continues in b4.