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B4: X11 autoraise on Linux64

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Sorry, the settings I reported were in dconf Editor, not Configuration Editor.  If you are satisified that problem is solved, then I won't have to spelunk through the Qt source looking for the problem.

I spoke too soon.  I had left the two Compiz autoraise settings enabled and SE started autoraising again.  Now I can't get it to stop doing it, even though I now have them disabled.  It's only the main window that appears to do it; the Find and Replace and Reference windows don't autoraise when I pass the mouse over them nor do they cause the main application window to raise until I click on them.  When the New dialog is up, no autoraising happens on the main or New window.

I'm running SE with CUA emulation.  Options and vrestore.slk are attached. is disable and focus-mode is sloppy.

How about /apps/metacity/general/auto_raise setting?  Though I do not get the behavior you are describing with it enabled.

/apps/metacity/general/auto_raise is disabled.  If I enable it, windows other than SE raise after the configured 1000ms of delay but SE still raises immediately.

The good news is I was able to reproduce this at least once.  The bad news is I haven't been able to reproduce it since, so I still need to track down the how and why.  I'll keep you posted.


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