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Profiling during beta...
« on: May 24, 2013, 08:14:22 pm »
It would be really helpful if profiling worked like a DVR, not a VCR. Always recording into a circular buffer, and allows a snapshot after (or during) a hang.

Basically, I want a button that does: "Record the previous 30 seconds because perf just sucked". (Or just record the most recent several commands worth.) It should record some useful perf information including whatever command was run.
I don't want to have to plan ahead and try to guess when perf is going to suck.

Ideally, the button could be operated from CMD.exe like, like
     vs -snapShotPerf  myFile.txt
     vs -miniDump myDump.dmp -snapShotPerf  myFile.txt

Which would work even when Slick is stuck and not responding to UI input.

BTW, I keep running into cases where symbols suck. Either too slow, making slick unresponsive for a long time, or as I reported yesterday - they are pulling in files that they shouldn't be. In that case I think Slicks background tag generator gets confused when you switch workspaces while it is busy.
It happens now and then, often isn't repeatable.
Even when it is repeatable it is too hard to report useful details here.