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Setting Breakpoints
« on: May 31, 2013, 04:42:05 PM »
I've got SlickEdit Core v3.7.1 for Eclipse, just installed the other day.  I also licensed it previously more than a year ago so I had to update my license.  I'm not totally new to it.  I'm using this with TI's Code Composer 5.3 which is built with Eclipse platform 3.8.0.  When Slick Core is the editor, setting break points by clicking on a line in the file doesn't work.  A red stop signal is displayed, but execution doesn't stop.  The breakpoints so created can't be edited in the view breakpoints window.  The symbol displayed is different and there is no breakpoint properties in the associated pull down menu. 

Searching the forums, I see some discussion about a similar issue, but the latest post was 2010.  Is there any newer status?  A known work-around?