Author Topic: B6: Invalid object handle  (Read 2427 times)

Ed Barnard

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B6: Invalid object handle
« on: June 04, 2013, 06:29:26 pm »
I clicked on the 'open' tab which is in the leftmost vertical area. I got a popup:

Slick-C Error
Invalid object handle
file=tbdockchannel.ex offset=452


 Invalid object handle
tbdockchannel.ex 452 _tbDockChanMouseInCallback(1,_tbopen_form,10038,Open,1,1)   p_window_id: 44   p_object: OI_FORM   p_name: _dock_channel_form
dockchannel.ex 4038 dockchannel:_dcCtlOnMouseIn(_tbopen_form,1,0)   p_window_id: 45   p_object: OI_IMAGE   p_name:
dockchannel.ex 3853 dockchanSelect(1:_tbopen_form)   p_window_id: 45   p_object: OI_IMAGE   p_name:
dockchannel.ex 3899 _dock_channel_form.lbutton_up()   p_window_id: 45   p_object: OI_IMAGE   p_name:

I quit SE and re-launched, and was able to open the intended file.