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Diffzilla builds file list from excluded directories

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Oh yay!  8)
Out of curiosity, if you know yet:  do you expect insert_file_list() will be extended, or will it be a new function?
I don't really care which, I'm just excited about a tree traversal routine that can skip top level directories that are excluded -- among other things, the sync_project_with_scm macro in the forums here can benefit from that.

Yes, insert_file_list will have this new support .While you can be lazy and things will almost always work. There are scenarios where it is best to specify a directory followed by the wildcards as separate arguments. Something like this:

insert_file_list(' <options> c:\somdir\ -wc dir\t*\*.cpp whatever\*.h -exclude backup\ **\somedir\t*\*.h');

Our updated macros will do this instead of mashing the directory and wildcard together which will give incorrect results due to internal guessing that has to be done.


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