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B7 tab colour settings broken

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--- Quote ---On switching focus to something else, the active tab now uses the selected color...
--- End quote ---

That is correct, but

--- Quote all tabs are the same. The unselected color is not used anywhere that I can see.
--- End quote ---

all tabs shouldn't be the same color unless you have the same colors set for Selected/Unselected.  Is that perhaps the case?  The Unselected color should be being used for any tabs you have open that are not currently the Active tab...regardless of whether or not SlickEdit has focus.  So if you have 3 tabs open and 1 is the Active tab, in the other 2 tabs you should be seeing the Unselected color.

Hope this helps,



--- Quote --- Is that perhaps the case?
--- End quote ---

No :)

It's probably best if I post screenies to show. I used the -sc command line switch to start with a new config (as per Rodney's suggestion). I then configured for multiple files per window, opened 2 windows and then configured the colors.

I think the screenies are self-explanatory, but just in case: you can see that the active tab is yellow, selected tab is orange, and unselected is green. When SE has focus the tabs are yellow (active) and orange (selected <- really, that's confusing even though I know what you mean). Then when SE loses focus (in this case by doing the screenie) both tabs go orange (selected).

Duh! Hit the pix per post limit. Here's the last one.

You need more than 1 tab in a group for Unselected to matter...that is what is going on.  So just open another window and place it within one of those 2 groups you have open.

- Ryan

Ah-ha! Yes, that works fine now.

Well, more or less. Now when SE loses focus the active and other tab are orange, but the unselected (i.e. green) tab stays green. With that logic, why couldn't the active tab stay active (i.e. yellow)?

But that's just a quibble. The real problem is getting across what it's supposed to be doing, and I think the terms chosen for the settings don't help that much.


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