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vsbuild target command works on v17 but v18 I get this error


CallTarget -t "vsbuild"
---------- 'vsbuild' Project: 'images\vxworks\ic_vxworks.vpj' - 'Release' ---------- VSLICKERRORPATH="F:\workspace\sw\product\SF260-HLD\develop\app\ic\images\vxworks\%rp"
vsbuild command can't change workspace, project, config, or target. Use CallTarget

and here the section in the project file:
            <Exec CmdLine='"%(VSLICKBIN1)vsbuild" make "%w" "%r" -cppmake'/>
            <Exec CmdLine='"%(VSLICKBIN1)vsbuild" rebuild "%w" "%r" -cpprebuild'/>

whereas, v17 did this when compiling the vsbuild and rebuild commands: (note it did not add %rp to the end of the path)
cd ..\..\..\..
cd app\common\messaging
make -f Makefile all


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