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file tabs abbreviate similar files keeps coming back


Dunno really what file tabs are yet but I tried turning off "abbreviate similar..." in the right click menu but when I close and restart slick it comes back as enabled.  Doesn't seem right.

Sorry for the confusion, Graeme.

The File Tabs tool window is the old way we presented open files. We kept it around because users that do _not_ use one-file-per-window may still find it useful (and maybe more comfortable as they make the transition to the new MDI layout). If you do use one-file-per-window, then the old File Tabs tool window was less than useful since it only displayed 1 Tab per file. Multiple windows viewing the same file were not represented.

When you toggled "Abbreviate similar" you were doing it for the old File Tabs tool window. You can turn it off for the new Tabs from Options>Editing>Editor Windows, Abbreviate file tab captions.


ok.  The right click I did was on the new file tabs so I was expecting it to apply to the new file tabs.  I see only one of these file tabs  - I guess because I have multiple files per window selected.

I haven't been following the beta but searching for "multiple files per window" shows a few discussions about this.  I don't have the time or motivation to read the beta threads to figure out how to get the best use of the new file tabs so I'm hoping you guys will come up with some decent documentation about it.  I don't like file tabs in general because I have like 100+ or so files open most of the time and there's no way I'm gonna scroll file tabs to find a buffer.

I'm still using Slick V2011 because the QT changes broke my own files toolbar macro code and it's not fixable.  My files toolbar gives me single click to open a file and can show up to 4 columns of files with various sort orders of which I mainly use directory sorting.  A year ago I started modifying the slick files tool-window to give me single click and a few other things but I'm not keen on maintaining it with every new version that comes out.  The new floating file windows might make me try harder though.

For the time being, if you change the option from the Tools > Options > Editing > Editor Windows option panel, your setting will stick.  This will be fixed in the first patch to v18.


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