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It's good to see that 2013 suppports large files now.  That's been an issue for me.

I also use selective display a lot to view files by indentation.  The limit of 60 levels of indentaion is a problem for me.  Has that been increased in 2013?  Or is there some way of increasing it?

Thanks, Duane

Wow, 60 levels of indentation.  :)  Is the reason something you can share?  Knowing the scenario might help prioritize it for the SlickTeam, and also it's just a kind of amazing thing that sounds interesting to know!  :)

We have performance reports that present call stack stats in a nested fashion.
Routine A  30s
  Routine B 20s
    Routine C 10s
    Routine D 10s
  Routine E 10s

and so on.   The nest can be hundreds deep.

Similar we have memory usage reports. 
Object A 10M
  contains Object B 5M
  contains Object C 5M

They can be nested 1000 or so deep.

It is really handy to use SlickEdit to exclude by indentation.  I can get a high level view and drill down in just the interesting parts.  But I get this explosion when I hit 60 levels.

Scrolling left and right to follow the current section works nicely, but I sometimes stretch SlickEdit across 3 monitors.

Come to think of it I have a similar issue with tab stops.  At some point, SlickEdit stops expanding tabs.   That's nasty when I'm looking at tsv files that have many columns.  SlickEdit is particularly nice for tsv files when they're too large for Excel.

I use SlickEdit for large files a lot.  When things are going well, I can open and scroll all over a 1G file while everyone else has to wait forever for their editor to run out of memory.

BTW, I'm on version  I've been waiting for the 2G limit to go away.  And now it has.



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