Author Topic: SE18-Modified file lost modified sign(*) after "Run Diff on Selected Backups"  (Read 1381 times)


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Steps to reproduce this bug:
1. Open a file which has some backups.
2. Modify the file, and then there will be some signs showing that this file is modified, such as a '*' in SE main window title and the file tab, and red font in "Files-Buffers" window.
3. Double click on a history version of this file in "Backup History" window to run Diff (same as clicking the "Run Diff on Selected Backups" button), then the file will loss modified signs ('*' and red font).
It looks like the file is unmodified. And there is no prompt dialog box reminding me to save this file when I try to close it. If I close the file, the change will be lost.

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Good catch.  I am working on a fix for this now.