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Project Template Issues
« on: April 01, 2015, 04:05:44 pm »
I'm working on creating a project template and I've run into a few things. I'm using RC4.
  • Can't 'save' the deletion of a project template without hitting OK on creating a new project
  • Deleted project templates are left in the list of recently used projects providing the following SlickC stack error on use:
    Invalid XMLCFG node index
     0x000000000F843990 -xmlcfg-copy(7,0,14,-1,2)   p_window_id: 256   p_object: OI_FORM   p_name: _workspace_properties_form
    projconv.ex 30998 _ProjectCreateFromTemplate(C:\Project\CCB7\456789\456789.vpj,CCB7,,1,1)   p_window_id: 298 (invalid)
    project.ex 2095 workspace_new_project2(C:\Project\CCB7\456789\456789.vpj,CCB7,,C:\Project\CCB7\CCB7.vpw,0,1,,,0,<empty>,1,0)   p_window_id: 298 (invalid)
    wkspace.ex 37257 workspace_new_project(1,CCB7,456789,C:\Project\CCB7\456789\,1,,)   p_window_id: 298 (invalid)
    wkspace.ex 39037 _workspace_new_form.ctlok.lbutton_up()   p_window_id: 342 (invalid)
    dlgeditv.ex 7208 show(-modal -mdi _workspace_new_form,D)   p_window_id: 297   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlnew
    wkspace.ex 44997 _workspace_properties_form.ctlnew.lbutton_up()   p_window_id: 297   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlnew
    dlgeditv.ex 7208 show(-modal _workspace_properties_form)   p_window_id: 58   p_object: OI_TREE_VIEW   p_name: _proj_tooltab_tree
    wkspace.ex 12151 workspace_properties()   p_window_id: 149   p_object: OI_EDITOR   p_name:
  • FYI for others: You can't pre-define the files to be used using the SE UI for customizing a new project template. But I'm using all recursive Files/folders to not have to maintain any of this biz. You can copy the 'Files' XML from a working project into the project template file usrprjtemplates.vpt and it will be copied into each project built from the template correctly.
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