Author Topic: SlickEdit 2013 Update (v18.0.1) is now available  (Read 3757 times)


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SlickEdit 2013 Update (v18.0.1) is now available
« on: August 12, 2013, 09:28:14 pm »
Our first major update to SlickEdit 2013 is now available for download. To download the update, please log into your customer account page, and locate the download link under the "Registered Products" section.
You will not need a new license file for this version.

Note: For a short period of time an earlier build of this first update was made available to some customers. That build was version This build is, and should be used to replace any installations.

Improvements and Changes in the v18.0.1.2 Release
In addition to the items below, all hotfixes released for v18.0.0 have been incorporated

    Platform Support
  • SlickEdit 2013 is now available for AIX, Solaris SPARC, and HP-UX
    New MDI Architecture
  • Added the ability to drop files into a specific tab group when dragging from the filesystem browser (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, etc)
  • Fixes for Unix platforms that had excessive flicker when switching focus to/from a floating document tab window
  • Corrected behavior of abbreviated document tabs when the tab order is changed
  • Corrected behavior of the next-tab-group and prev-tab-group commands so that the active document tab is preserved
  • Improved appearance of the drag-drop guide overlay
    Version Control
  • Usability enhancements for the new History Diff tool window, including display of revision comments and sizeable panes
  • Added an option to select changelist for Perforce operations
  • Fix for Git when source controlled files are not in the current working directory
  • Corrected cases where Perforce diff would inject an extra line
  • Fixed behavior of mouse wheel scrolling in the version control diff dialog
  • Several fixes for CVS, including cvs status reporting and handling of CVSROOT
    Language Support
  • Added initial support for Scala
  • Improvements to tagging and auto-completion for Objective-C
  • Added Context Tagging for the TTCN-3 language
  • Fix for cases where navigating to references with find-next could cause a crash
    Beautifier Enhancements
  • Corrected hotspot placement in C# syntax expansions and alias expansions
  • Better support for comment wrapping Doxygen-style comments
  • Fixed cases where preprocessor header guards with leading comments were not properly detected
  • Fixed bug in the "Force if complex" option for adding/removing return statement parens
  • Fixed a Print Preview crash that affected some Unix platforms
  • Corrected issue with special character display when lines are scrolled horizontally
  • Automated XML schema mapping for MSBUILD files
  • Prevent corruption of alias files when inserting new aliases
  • Better detection of build message type (errors vs warnings) when inserting build output into the Message List tool window
  • Improved handling of document tabs context menu when using Cygwin X-Windows client