Author Topic: SlickEdit 2013 (v18.0.1.2 32-bit) bugs that I saw during my trial period  (Read 1509 times)


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-SlickEdit locked up when removing all files from the workspace (on my ETOS 1174101F1 project)
-Showing references on a common name that's allocated as a function of a specific class shows
 all functions with that name sometimes OR causes SlickEdit to lock up.
-when I switch to another application and then back to SlickEdit, it freezes for a few seconds
a lot of times before it begins working (the windows hourglass comes up).
-the function pulldown menu doesn't always display the current file's function list if the
file that's open is in a detached window.  I've had to click back and forth several times
between main window and detached window for the function list to update.
-Is it possible to have the file tabs at the bottom of the window?
-Occasionally, the references window won't respond when typing something in and hitting enter.
I have to pick something from the pulldown history of the reference window and then re-type
my original entry again.
- All references don't always show up even after I've updated my tags.  This is probably too generic of bug report to investigate but I'm willing to share my project with tech support and provide an example.

My PC:  A Dell Vostro 430 (Intel Core i7 CPU with 8 GB RAM) on a Windows-7 64-bit operating system.  I previously had slickedit v15 installed.  I installed the 64-bit version of SlickEdit2013 to start with but then changed to the 32-bit version when I realized that my Perforce integration didn't work with the 64-bit slickedit version.


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Re: SlickEdit 2013 (v18.0.1.2 32-bit) bugs that I saw during my trial period
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 07:07:15 pm »
It is possible to place your document tabs along the bottom. You need to do via the Macro > Set Macro Variable menu command. In the dialog that comes up, type in def_document_tabs_orientation and use 1 as the value. You'll need to close and restart the editor for this to take effect. This orientation is still a little rough around the edges, so that's why we haven't yet exposed it via the Options pages. It's being improved for SE2014.

We have moved away from using the SCC DLL integration in Perforce, because of the 32/64 bit conflict that you've seen. And now the command line interface version of Perforce is what we're using regardless of architecture. You may still see the 32-bit SCC DLL support listed there since you've migrated your configuration, but we no longer support that interface in newer versions.

When you removed all files from the workspace, did you do that from the project properties dialog, or did you do that by removing things via the context menu in the project tree? Trying to reproduce that one…

Sometimes you'll see a delay when switching back to SlickEdit if the currently open project is trying to retag modified project files and/or perform an auto-reload of files modified outside the editor.