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Timeline for beta update or official release?

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Just wondering when we should expect an update for the beta for windows or an official release. 

anything?  Will this beta or kepler be supported further?

Hello?  Anybody minding the store?  It's been a week since this question was posted, over two weeks since the original post.  What's going on?  Not just with the beta, but in general?  Slickedit's participation on this board lately has been zilch.

I'm honestly worried they have closed up shop or just stopped using boards, I havent seen any activity from them on any of the boards.  I have had to abandon slickedit due to the issues and lack of support.  Really wish that wasn't the case because I did use and love the product for years. 

I just called and spoke to someone in sales, actually got a live person.  He said Slickedit is still up and running and the Core beta program is still on.  He was unaware that there has been no participation by Slickedit staff in these forums since approximately October or that there has been an open question on the Core Beta forum for over 3 weeks.  He said he would make sure the issue is addressed.  All well and good on the face of it but I sure don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this product anymore.  I've gone back to using the Slickedit base product for code development and Eclipse for build/debug.  At least the base product will still work (albeit unsupported) if they do actually go under.


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